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"We, the members of PROBUS NATIONAL, believe in the civic good, in the
alfiliation of business and professional persons with an organization where ideas can
be exchanged and greater cooperation can be created toward these ideals and
purposes, and that these stated ideals and purposes can be better served by the
creation and fostering of clubs in various cities and towns of these United States of
America and Canada with similar objectives and purposes, do hereby ordain this to

The name "PROBUS' is a Latin word meaning "Honest, Proved, Superior,
Upright and Sincere." "PROBUS" contains the first syllables of the words
PROfessional and BUSiness blending the two elements into one harmonious unit.


The Probus Clubs are a voluntary organization of PROfessional and BUSiness people dedicated to helping people who are intellectually and physically challenged.

The first Probus Club was formed in 1921 in New Haven. There are presently six chapters located in Connecticut and Massachusetts. 

We're Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Engineers, and Professionals from all walks of life

Probus Club's membership is comprised of some of the busiest men and women in their communities. But no matter how busy their practices, businesses and personal lives are, they find time to help people with disabilities through participatory events and fund raising functions.

Lifetime friendships and associations begin through working together as volunteers and socializing at membership events.

We're putting smiles on people's faces

Our purpose is to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. We offer financial aid as well as activities that provide opportunities to interact in general society. Probus Clubs conduct a number of programs that assist in the normalization of the lives of these citizens. These projects include Special Olympics, outings to athletic and cultural events, picnics, and hsoliday celebrations.

All proceeds from fund raising activities are allocated to servicing our client projects, which include contributions to the Special Olympics, Special Education scholarships, camperships, and other services and equipment for people with disabilities in our communities. Funds have been raised through balloon sales, tag sales, candy sales, raffles, auctions, educator recognition events and more.

Nothing helps like your help

Join a Probus Club and begin a relationship with a dynamic group of professional and business people who enjoy a special camaraderie.

Whether you're interested in working with people with disabilities, raising funds or simply wish to support these efforts in spirit, your membership is needed now.

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