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New Haven Probus Club established 1921
Worcester Probus Club established 1924
Probus National Constitution created on June 20, 1926

Formative Years
The first 25 years of Probus National were progressive and eventful, but unfortunately without records.  It appears that personal effort and leadership by whoever was president carried the organization through this formative period. Those men in office had a small cadre of dedicated, hard working helpers.  The camaraderie and devotion to the Probus cause helped support a variety of programs that provided help of all kinds to each club’s local community.  Their work was outstanding, required tremendous effort, and was rewarding to everyone involved.

During this period the following clubs were formed: New Haven, Worcester, Springfield, Detroit, Quincy, Fitchburg, Bridgeport, West Haven, Hamden and New Britain.

Milestones of Further Organization and Expansion


  • Constitution and By-Laws were revised in April.
  • Torrington Club received their Charter on June 8


  • Hartford Club established on October 29


  • Meriden established in September.
  • The Blue Book was authorized and printed. It has been the Bible of Clubs to this date.
  • The “National Telescope” was the initial name of the newsletter – the name was later changed to the our present “Probian”
  • The watchword or slogan for Probus at that time was “to serve our community without regard to race creed or color”.


  • The National Convention was held at the Concord Hotel.


  • The first three Probians were published.


  • The National Convention was held the Grossinger Hotel.
  • The Probus National Slogan of “Help to Retarded Children” was adopted.
  • Two clubs, Hamden and West Haven started Woman Auxiliaries.


  • Constitution and By-Laws were revised on October 25.


  • Convention was held at the Concord.
  • Norwich and Bristol Clubs received their charters.


  • Convention was held at the Concord.


  • Natick – Farmington Club was formed.


  • National Convention was held at the Laurels Country Club in Monticello, NY.
  • Application for Registration for Probus Clubs and Probus National Emblem was made.
  • Hillside Probus Club chartered on October 19


  • Suburban Essex Probus Club was chartered on December 10


  • National Convention was held at the Granit Hotel, NY.
  • Queens-Nassau Probus Club chartered on October 19


  • National Treasury balance reached $20,000.00
  • Three national projects were presented to the Executive Board:
  • Dr. Laurence Tannnenbaum suggested a Convalescent Hospital project to               assist children with mental retardation.
  • Meriden and Natick presented proposals for summer camps.


  • National Convention was at Concord
  • The Hospital project was started.


  • New Haven was the first club to observe the 50th Anniversary.


  • National Convention at the Pines. NY
  • National Treasury reached $30,000.00


  • Hospital project was dropped.


  • National Convention was held at Browns
  • Received our Tax Exempt Number, December 12 (National Secretary Ronald Sharp worked a year to get it.


  • First year of Probus National Summer Camp (two week period) for people with retardation.


  • National Convention held at the Raleigh.
  • Second year of Probus National Camp Project.
  • Worcester Club celebrated 50th Anniversary.

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