Probus National Strategies For Moving Forward


  1. Charter
    1. Provide support to sustain and grow the individual chapters
    2. Facilitate interaction, camaraderie, and beneficial exchange between the clubs
  1. Strategies
    1. Utilize Probus National’s existing resources to assist the clubs with their membership and fund raising initiatives
    2. Maintain insurance coverage to provide appropriate protection for club activities
    3. Maintain an up to date membership list and disseminate that information throughout the organization
    4. Treasurer will assess the current financial position and report to the Board
    5. Operate a web site to centralize the hosting of inter and intra club communication and advocacy for Probus
  1. Challenges
    1. Address current operating and fund raising balances and develop a strategy for administering them
    2. Establish a succession plan
    3. Develop a financial plan
    4. Promote the awareness and support for Probus Clubs in the individual chapter communities
  1. Resources
    1. Membership
    2. National Board
    3. Probus National Fund Balances
    4. Brochures
    5. Web Site
    6. Good Will built over the years



            Telescope / Web site
                        Leader: Gary Felberbaum
            Public Relations / Publicity

            Club Development
            Nominating / Installation


Finance (how we spend money)
                        Leader: Steve Klein (Treasurer)

Ways and Means (how we raise money)

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